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Episode #1 10/01/21
Anything but Marriage

I lean against the bar and survey some of the motley crew I’m going to be stuck with for the next three months whilst chewing the inside of my mouth. I wonder if I’ve made a big mistake.


There are other ways to get away from a boyfriend who won’t take a marriage refusal seriously, and signing up as head of security for an illegal smuggling ring when your boyfriend happens to be a top fleet commander of the New World Federation Enforcement is not one of them. Is this the only guaranteed way of breaking up with him? By becoming a crook?


I push thoughts of him from my mind and get on with the task which brought me in here because it certainly isn’t the ghastly meg which resembles engine oil more than it does alcohol.


I'm pleased I'm not the only female on the ship but there are only a few of the crew in here to check out. Three of them sit opposite me talking quietly to themselves, fleeting glances darting my way whenever they break into laughter. I watch them warily.


The biggest of the trio takes a huge glug of his drink and slams his cup down hard. The minions on either side of him chuckle and goad him on.


“You sort her out, Flick!”


“Show her who's boss!”


I push off from the bar and get into a better position ready for anything, while inwardly sighing.


Here we go again. I wondered how long it would take.


The Brizzok invades my personal space and spits on the floor. “So, they hired a scrawny little human female as head of security? Big mistake!”


I lick my lips, and to him it must appear that I’m nervous, but I’m just preparing myself.


“Yup! I’m head of security.Ten out of ten for gender and species observation.” I look him up and down slowly. “I’m guessing by the lack of brain cells you’re the janitor?” I raise my eyebrows questioningly.


His face creases into a scowl. “Why you—…”


He lunges for my throat with his gnarly black claws. I duck down and under an impressive scarred bicep, and in two seconds flat I’ve jumped up onto his back and I’m pointing my blaster against his temple.


I lean close to his ear. “Mistake huh? I might be scrawny but—bang…You died before your third word even escaped your scabby fat lips!”

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #2 10/08/21
what have I done?

“Hey…new girl, put him down, you might catch something!”

My eyes search for the owner of the smoky voice that made the request. Two boots slide out from a dark corner I thought was empty, followed by their owner.

My heart skips a beat when I see it’s a damn Cagodion. But worse, a fucking damn hot Cagodion with an emblem on his lapel stating his rank. His fingers curl into an imaginary blaster aimed at me.

Fuck, it’s the Captain.

“Bang—you’re dead too! I expected more from someone with your credentials. How very—disappointing!.” My gut tightens at his statement. “I want my crew protected outside and inside the ship. That slip up will be your first and last human. Next time you’re gone!”

I jump down from the back of the Brizzok as the Captain makes his way to the exiting door. I’m burning with humiliation, made even worse by the Brizzok’s minions still chuckling.

The Captain looks back over his shoulder as he reaches the door and his silvery grey eyes strip my flesh from my bones as they peer into my soul. “My cabin in five!” I nod once and he’s gone.

As I holster my blaster, the Brizzok turns and eyes me cautiously but with a new respect for me stamped onto his eyeballs. He makes a fist and I quickly suck in a breath, expecting him to take our little misunderstanding to the next level. But he holds it up to me in a peace gesture. His minions become mute with astonishment.

“Flick’ard Jo’heemson…you can call me Flick.”

I touch his fist lightly with mine, allowing a corner of my mouth to hitch. “Joanna Slimber, you can call me… Joanna Slimber!”

His belly laugh takes me by surprise and fills the whole bar.

“A smartass eh?! The Captain is gonna love you! Better not keep him waiting…Joanna Slimber!”

I'm just about to walk out if the bar when his gruff voice halts me. 

"Hey, Slim! A word of warning. Don't stare at his scar!"

My brow frowns slightly and I nod.

I head for the section of the ship where the cabins are located, a ball of apprehension already knotting in the pit of my stomach.

Is it too late to jump ship?

I peer out of a window in the corridor leading to the cabins. The inky nothingness of space greets me and the space station we were docked at is gone.


Yes, it is too late.

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #3 10/16/21
scar wars

I stand outside the Captain’s door and raise my fist to knock, but I hold it inches away, momentarily hesitating before gritting my teeth and banging hard.

The door slides open and the Captain is sitting directly in front of me lounging back on a seat with his elbows resting on the arms of his chair and his fingers splayed, each tip touching. “Come in, Joanna!”

My eyes dart around the room before I step inside. I don’t know what I was expecting but the room is neat and orderly, almost verging on clinical.

We eyeball each other in silence and try as I might, I can’t stop my eyes from straying to the diagonal scar streaked across his cheek, or stop my mouth from asking… “How’d you get the scar?”

His jaw ticks. “A human female gave it to me…but it was the last thing she ever did.”

The tiny skin bumps called hitches that cover his body raise, an indication that his species are getting irate. I regard the bone blades warily on his forearms which are flat right now but which could raise at any moment. I’m such a dumb ass. A Cagodion could protect the crew quite easily, why would he hire a human as security? This is obviously something to do with revenge, Any moment now he’s going to make a move to take me out.

My heart rate elevates. My palms are sweaty and the hand closest to my blaster twitches. I lick my lips. “What is the real reason why you hired me, Captain? We both know you are one of the deadliest species in this universe at close combat.”

He takes me by surprise as he jumps to his feet and I automatically draw my blaster and step back.

The corners of his mouth lift. “I hoped you’d be as smart as you are skilled, Joanna!”

A deep line appears between my eyebrows. “I’m also confused… If I’m not here for you to inflict some kind of revenge attack on me, why am I here?”

He motions with a dip of his head for me to holster my blaster. His forearm bone machetes are flat so I comply.

“We have an undercover spy on board. I want the crew to presume you are here as their security… But really, you are here to sniff out the traitor. Sensitive information about our best trading leads are being leaked, and I want to know who is the culprit is.” He walks up close and looks down at me. His eyes swirl like a kaleidoscope hypnotising me and I swear he inhales me. “We will be working very closely for the next few weeks to resolve this issue… Is this going to be a problem, Joanna?”

My insides flutter. Why is this proximity so unsettling, but in a good way?

I shake my head. “No, Captain.”

“When we are alone I want you to refer to me as, Jaxx!”

I stiffen. I’d heard plenty of stories from my Federation boyfriend about an elusive Mad Jaxx.

Could this be him?

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #4 10/23/21
Bitch wars

I leave the Captain’s office and as soon as the door slides shut behind me I’m confronted by a female crew member. She’s beautiful. Pewter coloured skin with cerise markings, and a figure to die for. I don’t know what species she is, but with a bone crown and long thick skin locks on either side of her head, I’m guessing she’s a distant cousin to the Kimankas.

She blocks my path with her arms crossed and looks me up and down.

“So you’re the fresh blood!”

I cock my head to one side. “And you are?”

“I’m the Captain’s …well, let’s just say the Captain and I have an understanding.” She stabs the air between us. “I want you to keep your bony little claws off him! Understand?”

I look down at her finger and view it as a weapon. Well, mine has come in handy quite a few times in the past for eye-gouging and whatnot.

“You might want to point that thing somewhere else before you lose it!”

She puts her hands on her hips and narrows her eyes. “Are you threatening me…human?”

I take a step forward and lick my lips. “No, I’m just telling you facts, Honey!”

She hisses at me, spins on her heels, and marches off down the corridor.

What the fuck?

I turn right and head in the opposite direction to my assigned cabin. I want privacy to access my, maybe soon to be, boyfriend’s Federation database.

As soon as the door closes behind me, I fish my console out of my still to be unpacked bag, and quickly log in with my boyfriend’s password. Well, I’m not just a pretty face, you know!

Faces of all the known criminals and pirates of the Perinqual Galaxy flick onto the screen and I swipe up, searching for him.

I suck in a breath when a scar slashed across an eye on the ruggedly handsome face I was in the presence of fewer than twenty minutes ago appears. Mad Jaxx stares out from the screen.

A knock at my door makes me jump with a start, and I hide the console in my bag. I get up and go to the door, waving my hand in front of the sensor to open it.

It slides half-way open, and a fist hurtles through it. I swiftly lean to the left and grab the fist, pulling it and in the body it’s attached to into my cabin.

The fist belongs to another female and I bend her over and hike her bent arm up her back. "Ahhhh!" Numerous tendrils topped with snapping pincers are attached to either side of her spine and they flail around, trying to latch onto me, but I flick them away.

“Who are you and why did you attack me?”

Her free arm points towards the door. I look out and see the female I’d encountered earlier sprinting off down the corridor.

“She made me do it! I owed her a big favour, and she threatened to reveal something about me to the Captain if I didn’t.” I release her arm and she rises to her full height, rubbing her arm. She towers above me by a head and a half, her shoulders impossibly wide for a female—whatever species she is.

She looks down at me sheepishly. “I’m sorry. Let’s start again.” She holds out a hand. “I’m Le’hil Bearlok.

I look her up and down. An appropriate name.

I take her hand and shake. “I’m Joanna Slimber.  You can call me…Slim!"

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #5 11/08/21
friend or foe?

I pour Le’hil a drink from the canister of good alcohol I brought on the ship with me and gesture for us to sit down.

She takes a sip and her eyes light up with appreciation. “Nice!” I sit back in my seat and chew my bottom lip as I regard her. She shakes her head. “I can’t believe Dementra talked me into trying to hit you.”

“Must be some juicy shit she has on you?” She eyes me suspiciously and I hold my hands up in a peace gesture. “Hey! None of my business what she has on you, I just don’t appreciate being in the middle of whatever is going on between you two!”

Le’hil grins. “Don’t worry. You won’t get any trouble from me again. You have great fighting skills considering you are so small. I overheard Flick telling someone your looks were deceiving and not to underestimate your abilities.”

The comment pricks my interest. “Really? What can you tell me about Flick and his minions? In fact, what can you tell me about all crew members on-board this ship—including the Captain? ”

Le’hil looks away and I can see she is conflicted, not knowing whether to stay silent or talk. When she looks back at me her brow is drawn into a deep line. “Why should I tell you anything? You might be hired to watch our backs but I don’t know anything about you, Slim! Why should I spill my guts?”

I laugh breaking the tension. “I’m not asking you to tell me everyone’s deep dark secrets, I just want to know general information about the crew I’m employed to watch over. Who’s been here the longest? Who has the worst breath?”

Le’hil’s shoulders visibly relax. “Oh right… Then I’m your gal, especially as I’m the longest-serving crew member. Let’s start with Dementra. As you’ve probably gathered, she and the Captain have a sexual agreement. She doesn’t trust any female crewmembers not to try and muscle in and get a piece of what she has with the Captain.”

“Why would any female want to screw around with the Captain?  Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.”

Le’hil nods. “Hmm, I agree. But from what Dementra has told me about his skills in the bedroom, I sure wouldn’t say no if he came sniffing my way.”

Le’hil's statement further sparks my interest in Captain Jaxx.

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #6 11/16/21
No going back

I spend a restless night thinking about my predicament.

My boyfriend, albeit ex-boyfriend, is a fleet commander for the New World Federation Enforcement and as head security for smugglers, I’m now one of the baddies he’s employed to hunt down and catch. I’m also a newbie on-board the ship and no one trusts me enough to spend five minutes in my company, let alone watch their backs. I didn’t think this job through.

A knock full of urgency on my door has me on my feet in less than a second. I quickly appraise my appearance in my tiny two-piece sleeping attire to make sure it’s not too slutty to open the door, and then I tip-toe over to it cursing myself for forgetting to pack slippers.

I wave my hand in front of the sensor and the door slides open. Flick is leaning on the door frame with his arms and legs crossed.

He looks me up and down and whistles. I cross my arms defensively over my chest and frown my annoyance at his gesture.

“Good job the Captain sent me and didn’t come himself to relay this message, otherwise Dementra would be looking for a new beau to fuck!”

My stomach somersaults at his comment. Is Flick suggesting the Captain would find me attractive in my PJs?

I puff out through my lips, as if the statement sickens me. “I’m nobody's fuck buddy! I’m here to do a job!”

Flick pushes off the doorframe and holds his palms up in a peace gesture. “Don’t get your panties in a twist—just calling it as it is!”

I stick my hip out and dip my head. “Just give me the damn message Flick!”

“Jeez! Someone got out of bed on the wrong side today!” I drop my arms and lick my lips. Flick looks at my mouth and I’m glad he realises it’s my trademark trait before I get down to business—fighting business. “Okay-okay! The Captain wants you to accompany Le’hil and Dementra on a job. He thinks three females will be better than two to charm the males they’re trading with today. . .and possibly sneak a few extra gems in the process!”

"Captain Jaxx wants me to pretend I’m one of the crew? A smugglers?" I try to hide my shock.

Flick nods. “Yep.” He narrows his eyes. “Do you have a problem with that?”

I sigh inwardly. I’m well and truly fucked. Once I cross this line, there’s no going back.

I shake my head. “Of course not!”

“Good! Be at the docking station in ten!”

He turns and walks away.

I watch his huge bulk until he disappears out of sight.


Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #7 11/23/21
Belt up!

Dementra and Le’hil are already at the docking station when I get there.

Le’hil is leaning back on a wall, arms and legs crossed as cool as ice, but Dementra is pacing backward and forward huffing and blowing through her cheeks, just generally making a big fuss about nothing—I’m literally forty seconds late.

She drags her eyes over me slowly, as if the mere act of looking at me is causing her physical pain but she’s being made to appraise me. “About time!” I don’t even bother to reply.

Le’hil throws an empty bag at me. “So I’m the mule?” She squints her eyes and frowns, not understanding the reference. I wave my hand dismissing my own comment. “Nothing.”.

Dementra pushes past me and walks into the open door of a small craft. “I’ll be pilot!”

Le’hil rolls her eyes. The corners of my mouth creep up. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who finds Dementra as tedious as fuck.

She’s already strapped into the pilot seat boosting the engines before the door hisses shut.

She doesn’t even try to hide the smugness in her voice. “Twenty seconds until take off!”

Le’hil and I exchange surprised glances. Thinking the same thing as we dive into seats and frantically pull the safety harness down over our chests. Oh, fuck!

 I glance across to Dementra, and she looks like a demented Cheshire cat as she pulls down the thruster throttle.

I grin too. Le’hil half-smiles with a mall furry in her brow. “What?”

I answer just loud enough for Dementra to hear me. “The pilot’s name certainly suits her—she is a bit demented isn’t she?”

Le’hil bites down on her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing.

The craft swings wildly to the left and my head whacks off the side of my headrest. I reach up and rub it.

“Oopsie! Squeezed the control stick a little too hard, I must have been imagining it was someone’s neck!”

This time Le’hil can’t control her laughter. I can’t help but laugh too, and Le’hil and I are even more shocked when Dementra joins in.

She presses the autopilot button and turns around to face me. Holding out her hand she smiles what looks like a genuine smile. “Friends?”

I regard it for a moment before I clasp it and meet her eyes. “Let’s just say we’re not enemies!” Demetra's smile falters for a second.

Le’hil points to the cockpit screen. ”Well now the niceties are over, we’d better prepare a good story while we’re here—and fast!”

I follow her finger and look out of the screen. My stomach tightens. I immediately recognise the ship hailing us with its beacon lights. It’s a New World  Federation Enforcement ship. Number 36 to be precise—my boyfriend’s ship…or should I say ex?

“Oh fuck!” says Le’hil.

“Oh fuck indeed!” I repeat.

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #8 12/01/21
Sex and the ex

The Federation Enforcement officers board our vessel and behind them is my ex, Officer Bayot. He hides his surprise at seeing me well, but not good enough—I’ve always been able to read him like a book.

I haven’t divulged to anyone I have an ex who is an enforcement officer. I somehow didn’t think my association with the Feds would improve the already frosty reception I’ve received.

We don’t stand to attention for them. In fact, I think Dementra has sunk even further into her seat, and now one of her legs is casually slung over the arm rest too. Le’hil has both her arms crossed over her enormous chest, which looks like it belongs to a bodybuilder with tits. I’m sitting back casually—arms on rests and legs crossed.

Bayot sweeps his eyes over us, resting them on me. They slip down to my legs, then quickly snatch back up to my face. I chew the insides of my mouth apprehensively.

Will he reveal we know each other—intimately?

His eyes leave me and go to Dementra. She smiles and licks her lips as she looks him up and down. “Officer Bayot. Long time no see! Still talking in your sleep?”

My heart shoots up into my mouth. How would she know he talks in his sleep…unless she’s fucked him too!

He shuffles awkwardly and ignores her question. My heart rate has picked up a beat. Sneaky rat. He’d kept his salacious relationship with a female who would be deemed rather unsavoury in the eyes of the Federation council under wraps.It makes me wonder what else I don’t know about him.

“We have information about illegal goods being onboard this vessel.”

Dementra opens out her hands. “Nothing of that description on board here, Bayot. Go ahead and check!”

He looks at the officers accompanying him and dips his head, gesturing them to search the small ship. Dementra stands up and walks sexily over to him. She stops inches from him and raises her arms above her head. “Wanna strip search me… again, Bayot?”

He quickly glances my way and I can’t help but eyeball him as my insides run riot.

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

It’s a tense five minutes as they carry out a search, the silence deafening. One of the officers walks up and stands ram-rod straight in his presence.

“Nothing, Sir!”

He nods and stares Dementra menacingly. “Just to let you know, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this vessel and its activities.”

Le’hil grunts and Bayot quickly looks her way as if he’s expecting trouble from her, but she remains in the same statue-still position she’s been in since they boarded.

Dementra brings her hand up in front of his face and flutters her fingers. “Bye, bye. Keep that bed warm for me, Bayot!”

This time he doesn’t look my way following her comment. He spins on his heels and walks towards the exit door to the airlock, his minions close at his heels.

Every muscle on my body is tense. I'm jealous… But why? I don’t want him.

Dementra falls heavily back into the pilot seat. She glances sideways at me and we stare silently at each other for a few seconds. “Don’t judge me! That was a phase in my life I want to forget!”

I try to hide my balled up fists. “When was that?”

“Six months ago.”

My heart misses a beat. Bayot and I were together six months ago.

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #9 12/08/21
Don't call me split, dickwad!

The remainder of the flight travelling to meet the pirate ship selling the goods is a tense one—well on my behalf at least.

I can’t work out if I’m madder at Bayot for cheating on me. Madder at Dementra for screwing my ex while I was with him. Or madder at myself for not not knowing he was cheating on me so I could break a few of his bones.

By the time the ship comes into view, I am still undecided about my feelings about the whole deceitful situation, but I have to put them away in a box in my brain and close the lid to stew and disect another time. I need my wits about me.

“Here goes!” Le’hil actually looks nervous, which instantly refocuses me and brings me into the presence.

Dementra pulls alongside the pirate ship quite expertly and I feel a pang of jealousy. Is she good at everything? Is she better at fucking than I am? Is that why Bayot slept with her?

She engages the air lock and I follow her and Le’hil over to the door that will lead us through to the other ship. I carry my weapon concealed inside the bag I’ve been made to carry.

It hisses open and I get my first look at the pirates we are about to do business with. They are all male. Four of them. Four Niikeeds. My stomach somersaults. I fucking hate Niikeeds - shape-shifting bastards. I’d been fooled by one in the past when I first started out in the protection racket. He nearly cost me my job. I’ve been known to hold a grudge.

The biggest one has his arms crossed, and he eyes us with disdain. “So, Captain Jaxx has sent his lowest ranking splits instead of dealing with me himself! I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Dementra puts her hands on her hips. “I’m his favourite female. You should see it as an honour!”

He smiles or grimaces—I can’t tell the difference. “Is that so! Maybe The Captain’s favourite female can show me why she’s the favourite before we hand over the goods!”

My instincts tell me his response is bad.

Le’hil’s spine needles running the length of her spine bristle. It looks like she too is also getting a bad vibe from the situation.

The leading Niikeed looks over his shoulder at one of his men, who is holding a box. “Pass the goods over!” He looks past Dementra to Le’hil and me whilst grabbing her wrist. “Take the box and wait back in your ship for Jaxx’s split!”

Now he’s put me in an even more awkward position. He clearly has intentions to fuck Dementa—with or without her permission. I’m her security, but I’m riled by the fact she was fucking my boyfriend at the same time as me.

Decisions, decisions! Do I wait in the ship until he has his wicked way with her—and maybe the crew too? Or do I do my job and save her?

Lucky for her, I hate being referred to as a split. He riled my feathers the first time he’d referred to females as splits - now he’s gonna pay.

I lick my lips as I look at Le’hil. “Take this bag and put the box inside it!”

She looks into my eyes and sees what’s brewing behind them and nods.

As soon as the bag is pulled from my hands, I aim my laser at every weapon I see sitting in holsters on their person, and in less than two seconds, the weapons are smoking molten messes.

The Niikeed males howl in agony as the weapons mould to their skin.

The leader growls and points his claw at me, giving me a death stare as Dementra runs to stand behind me. “You haven’t seen the last of me human split!”

“The name’s Slim, you fucking dickwad!”

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #10 12/16/21
A slab of prime meat!

Back on our shuttlecraft, Le’hil takes the pilot seat. Dementra is a shaking mess so we sit her at the back of the small shuttle with a canister of something Le’hil handed to me. It almost singes my eyebrows off when I unscrew the lid and hand it to Dementra. She snatches it from me and guzzles the potent concoction until the canister holds all but the toxic gas of the noxious liquid. She slumps her head back and closes her eyes. A thank you wouldn’t have gone amiss but I suppose to her I was just doing my job.

I walk back to the front of the shuttle and fall into the seat next to Le’hil. She gives me a sideways glance with a grin. “You did good back there. Captain Jaxx will be impressed. At his request, I recorded the whole meeting live which was being sent back to him.

I puff out my cheeks, “Why am I not surprised he’d pull a stunt like that.”

I look back at Dementra who is now snoring soundly. “She gets about a bit, doesn’t she? Fucking a pirate captain and an enforcement officer?”

Le’hil huffs. “They are just a means to an end! She doesn’t even like males!” My eyebrows shoot up surprised. Le’hil chuckles. “Haven’t you guessed yet?”

I point my finger backward and forwards from Demenrea to Le’hil, my mouth dropping open. “You two are an item!”

Le’hil nods, “Three years now.”

“Wow. I hope you turned that camera off or Jaxx is going to get a shock?”

Le’hil smiles. “I think he knows. He only uses her because there’s no one else on board he wants to fuck.” She looks me up and down, “Well, there wasn’t anyone else he wanted to fuck!”

My pussy quivers with interest at her statement.

Thirty minutes later, Dementra is flung over Le’hil’s shoulder heading towards Le’hil’s cabin, and I’m holding the bag containing the box heading towards Captain Jaxx's cabin.

As I knock on his door, I find I’m actually a little nervous at seeing him again, Is it because I feel guilty about looking up his profile on my ex’s database? Or is it because I’m weirdly attracted to the ruggedly handsome pirate?

His cabin door slides open and he stands there shirtless with just a skimpy towel wrapped loosely around his hips. His wet abdominals glisten and draw my eyes down to the long thick shape the towel is clinging to.

I gulp and wrench my eyes back up to his face. He has a wry grin on his full lips. “Come in Joanna, there’s something I want to show you.

Is it meat because I'm suddenly very hungry?

Copyright © 2021 by C. Y. Croc

All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

Episode #11 12/28/21
what choice do i have?

Captain Jaxx takes the box from me and places it down on a table. He spins around and points to the large screen on his wall.

“I watched your every move in the meeting with the Niikeed. You did good!”

I bow my head. “Thank you.”

“I’ve also been keeping a close eye on you since you came aboard my ship.” He looks towards the huge screen again and my eyes follow. “Load footage from cabin 343!”

My stomach drops into my feet.

That’s my cabin.

An image of me rifling in my bag and pulling out a tech tablet, followed by me hacking into the Federation’s database and an image of the Captain appearing on the tablet covers the huge screen.

Captain Jaxx turns to face me with his brow lifted high. “When I asked you to look for and find an undercover spy working on board this ship, I never once thought you’d think it was me.” I open my mouth to apologise but he holds his hand up to silence me and closes the gap between us. “Well done. I didn’t think you’d ever have the inclination to investigate me. It appears I tricked everyone. . .but you,” he leans in closer, “but you saw right through me.”

I do my utmost to keep the shock from my face. I had no clue it was him. I hadn’t even had time to start my investigations properly. “So, what now, Jaxx?”

The corners of his mouth twitch. “Now you leave me in somewhat of a predicament. Only you know of my true purpose on this ship--to spy for the Federation. The crew knows nothing. They don’t know how close I am to handing them and all the information on them and the other pirate networks working in this sector of the galaxy over to the Federation in exchange for my freedom. However, they also don’t know about your very close relationship to a certain enforcement officer either.” My skin bristles. “So here’s my predicament! Do I hand you over to the crew to save my own skin?”

I quickly butt in. “I’ll tell them everything!”

“Do you honestly think they’d believe you over me?” I bite my bottom lip hesitantly. Why the fuck is he so close? He continues as if I hadn’t spoken. “Or do I keep you here on a condition.”

“What fucking condition?”

“Exactly that…fuck-ing! Let me fuck you for the remainder of your contract and my lips are sealed—the crew will never know how closely you know a certain hated Federation officer—and your secret will be safe with me.”

His mouth is inches from mine—his cock millimetres from touching me behind his scanty towel. The invisible electricity travelling between us could light a small city.

“It appears I have no choi-…”

His lips clamp down onto mine before I finish my last word, and I pull off his towel and clamp my hand firmly around his big hard, meaty cock.

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All events, places, businesses and characters in this publication are clearly fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, will be purely coincidence. They are all a product of the author’s imagination.

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