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Book 1 released July 2019

The MENopause Series

midlife lovers men o oause series book 1

Five years after her divorce, things are on the up. She dares to start-up her own business and this brings about a new lease of life. . .

In less than three weeks Suzanne’s life has done a complete turnaround. She’s gone from having zero romance in her life to having three potential love interests . . . and she works with all three men.

Chris is the charismatic disabled identical twin of the billionaire who's employed her services. Fausto is a sultry Portuguese translator. Lastly, after a frosty start to their working relationship, the most unexpected one of all  is Carter - the Jekyll and Hyde billionaire himself.

Right now Suzanne doesn’t know which are hotter – her increasing flushes form her possible start in the menopause, or the three gorgeous men, all fighting for her affections.

Is Suzanne set to have her heart broken again or is it time for a second chance romance?
More importantly, are all the men really what they appear to be…?

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