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Midlife Crisis

Book 5 in the MENopause Series

midlife lovers men o oause series book 1
♥Monica has hormone and husband troubles♥ 
With a grown-up daughter, a grand-daughter and a husband she still loves and desires, what more could she ask for?
But lately, her hormones are effecting their sex life more than she'd like them to - and not in a positive way.
Monica's husband James is understanding but keeps disappearing and she's worried he's seeking satisfaction in the arms of another.
Visiting the canal boat James has recently puchased, Monica gets a suprise tea-leaf reading from their water gypsy neighbour. But the reading doesn't give her any answers, all it does is stir up even more mystery.
Determined to fight for her man, Monica embarks on a physical transformation to win back his heart, and in the process she finds love for herself again.
Is the affair all in her mind?
Can their marriage survive a mid-life crisis?

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