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Perinqual Galaxy Hybrids


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This a short 45 min / 1 hour read humorous tongue in cheek scifi romance read!

When Sanfa Claw's spaceship crashes on Earth, a bang to the head on impact gives his temporary memory loss.
So when a female child finds him and hides him in her treehouse to be her new daddy, he thinks nothing of it.
Mary is concerned for her daughter. It's her first Christmas without her daddy and she has no interest in the festivities.
The only thing that appears to be making her happy is her imaginary friend in her treehouse.
Should she go along with her daughter's fantasy and meet the imaginary friend? The treehouse was the last time she saw her husband alive and she can't bear the thought of setting foot in there again. But if she doesn't, it will destroy what little bit of Christmas joy her daughter has found.