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The Brothers Dark

Blake ebook.jpg

5 different shifter brothers

5 realms

5 books

1 mission




Blake Dark is my name. It suits me well—dark by name, dark by nature.

Right now, it's taking all my willpower to reign in the darkness that courses through my veins.
I'm standing in a hotel room on the other side of the world.
A plane ticket sent with a mysterious letter got me here.
I'm staring at four half-brothers I never even knew existed until now, and a father I thought was dead.
My father wants to become bosom buddies with my brothers and me—the reason—he wants us to help him hunt down vampires and kill them.
I'm guessing that's why he left me and my brothers in different orphanages across the world with monks who've trained us in different martial arts and weaponry since we were children.
Any sane person would laugh out loud at the absurd notion of vampires existing.
A few months ago, I would have been one of them, had it not been for the strange changes occurring in my body and mind.
Now, I'm thirsty for two things—knowledge—and blood.
Am I a vampire too?
If the answer is yes, are my brothers and father also vampires?
Because witnessing strange things in this hotel room makes me think they have a different darkness inside them.
Am I going to agree to my father's request?
If I can get answers--hell yes.


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