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Dream Reality

Buy a customized ebook story for your partner.

Ideal gift for a birthday, Valentine Day or as a Christmas gift

Too shy or embarrassed to ask your partner to try new things in the bedroom?

Want to find a way to ask them to be more adventurous with your love making?

Need a little something to get the juices flowing?

Or just want a gift with a difference?

Get a customised short story which features you and your partner as the main characters/protagonists.

I will use both of your names and certain physical attributes in the story to give you a truly authentic reading experience.

Choose a scenario from the list and let me create the magic!

You will receive the personalised ebook story via a link to download onto their phone/cell, ipad/kindle or PC/laptop. One of three file formats can be chosen - either mobi, ePub or PDF format.

A story that will be forever theirs - or at least until they choose to delete it.

For a small additional charge if you send me an photo, I can even make a book cover with your partner's image on it.

Only $10/ £8 the perfect gift.

Naughty kinky stories.

$15/£13 with their own ebook cover

The ebook will be sent to the email supplied on purchase.

Email will look like this : Bookfunnel A gift for you from *name*

Note: This is a private download link that is for you only. If you share it with someone else, you will not be able to download your own copy. This link will expire in 14 days and cannot be reactivated once it expires, so grab your copy before it's gone.

I hope you enjoy it!

What you will receive

Around a six thousand word story written in English

This is short story written in third person point of view. See an example of what sort of written content you will receive here. : 

1: What I need to know.

If the story involves both of you, I need to know a few important elements to make the story realistic.


  • Gender of you and partner

  • First/Christian name only

  • Skin colour of you and partner

  • Hair and eye colour of you and your partner

  • Body size e.g. small, medium, large of you and your partner

  • US or UK terminology

  • Heat level – 1, 2, 3

  • 1 = kissing and fondling over clothing

  • 2 = +1  foreplay only

  • 3 = +1 & 2 full penetration

2: Choose a scenario

Then I need to know what scenario you would like the story to take place in. Here are the standard settings.

Wedding anniversary dinner moving on to heat level 1/2 or 3

  • In car outside, or

  • In Bedroom, or

  • Public place



An additional $10 will need to be charged  for a more customised story $5 or anything else additional in story charge extra $1 per item

3: Choose something you want to include

Yes to:

  • Cuckold

  • Anal

  • Oral

  • Dress-up

  • Submission

  • Dominance

  • Foot fetishism

  • Threesomes

  • Groups

  • Wife swap

  • Swinging

  • Using Objects on partner 

Extras can be added for an additional cost. Please email me about your request.

Here is what I will NOT write about

  • No Paedophilia

  • No Bestiality

  • No Murder

  • No Rape

  • No Torture 

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