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A snippet from

Qaza Alien Halfbreed

Well my little feisty one, you didn’t get far!”

The female jumps awake with a start. “H-How did you find me?”

I grin manically, the translator transplant worked. This will only add to my enjoyment of her punishment. I sink to my knees and grab her. She squirms around trying to escape but my strength is far superior to hers. I unbutton her pants and begin to pull them down.

She squeals and claws at my hands trying to stop me. “No! I will not have sex with you!”

I laugh loudly and sit on my ass, extending my legs out in front of me as I flip her over and yank down her pants to reveal her rounded ass. “You don’t deserve to feel the satisfaction my taja will give you. No! This is about respecting your master!” I pin her with my legs and one of my arms and then raise my hand up high, slicing it through the air to make contact with her right ass cheek.

She cries out in a mixture of pain and humiliation. The creatures shuffle about behind me at the sound of her distress. I can see the heat generated by my smack and a perfect handprint appears on her ass. The sight excites me and my taja begins to thicken.

“No! How dare you hit me like a chi-…ahhh!”

The second blow is harder and cuts her off mid-word. The glow on her cheek turns from orange to white as the heat intensifies. My taja strains in my pants for release, digging up into the female’s cooch. I’d like nothing more than to bend her over and bury myself balls deep inside her as I inflict her punishment but she smells too bad in her filthy clothes. I give her another one in the centre of her butt, hoping the effects will ripple down into her cooch to add to her punishment. This time the cry is different. I flick my tongue out into the air. I can scent her desire with my tongue, taste it in the air. I reign down another smack in the same place and she almost moans.

I grin from ear to ear as I force my hand down between the cheeks of her ass and plunder her cooch. I need to confirm what my senses are telling me. She wiggles about in protest, her voice cracking with…emotion.  “No…please don’t. I do not consent to this. Get the fuck off me!”

I withdraw my sopping finger and push her off my lap, my chest suddenly tightening. I’m conflicted. No slave has ever affected me this way before. I scramble to my feet. “Get dressed!” I watch her blunder about in the darkness, obviously blinded by it and I’m glad. I don’t want her to see how my face is contorted with feeling. Something that I’ve let lie dormant in me for such a long, long time.

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