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Monster Alien love letters

August 30

With determination, I decide to translate my vivid fantasies into words. I grab a scrap of paper and a pen, my hand shaking in anticipation. As I begin to write, the world around me fades away, replaced by the images of Celeste and our forbidden desires.

Dear Celeste, I begin, my writing jagged and raw, fuelled by my lust. You’ve haunted my every thought since I first laid eyes on you. Your beauty is intoxicating, your purity maddening.

From the moment I saw you, I’ve been consumed by thoughts of your body beneath mine. Of how it would feel to touch your soft skin and taste your sweet arousal.

I pause, recalling the curve of her hips and the swell of her breasts. My words flow easily as I detail every filthy thought that has crossed my mind since we met.

Your cunt must be so tight and hot, just waiting for me to plunge my throbbing cock deep inside you. I can almost hear your moans of pleasure as I take you, making you come undone beneath me.

Imagine my lips trailing down your neck, teasing your nipples until they’re hard and begging for more. My hands exploring your body, leaving no inch untouched. And when you think you can’t take anymore, I’ll spread your legs wide and bury my face between your thighs, tasting your sweet juices as I make you scream my name.

Would you like that, Celeste? To be taken and claimed by me—a murderer—here in this prison where no one can save you from my desires?

Yours forever in darkness,


Satisfied with the raw passion burning in every word, I fold the letter carefully and tuck it into the pages of the book Celeste gave me last week. It’s only a matter of days before she returns to collect it, and I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of her reading my words and having knowledge of the dark and depraved acts I want to do to her.

The voice in my head is silent now, replaced by the pounding of my own heartbeat as I await her reaction. Will she be repulsed? Intrigued? Aroused? Only time will tell, and I count down the days with a mix of fear and anticipation.

But one thing is certain, my desires for Celeste have been unleashed, and there’s no going back now.


Each day, my eyes flick to the markings I’ve scratched into the wall, my way of counting off the days and sleepless nights spent fantasising about Celeste until her next visit. Each time I think of her, I find myself touching myself, masturbating, desperate for even a moment’s relief from the burning desire that consumes me.

Finally, the day arrives when Celeste is due to bring her book cart around again. My heart races and my palms grow sweaty as I hear her footsteps approaching. I press myself against the bars, trying to catch a glimpse of her before she enters my line of sight.

“Good morning, Darkus.” Her voice is soft and breathless and her eyes are shy to meet mine. When they do, her cheeks flush a delicate pink, and I can’t help but wonder if she senses the hunger lurking beneath my calm facade.

“Morning, Celeste,” I reply, my voice low and husky. She shivers slightly at my reply, and I can’t resist a smirk.

She pushes her cart toward my cell, stopping just out of reach. “I brought some new books for you.” I can see her hands trembling ever so slightly as she picks them up one by one.

“Thank you.” I accept each title with feigned politeness as I pass her back the book concealing my letter. In truth, all I can think about is whether her cunt is as moist as her plump pink lips.

As I take the last book from her hands, I purposely let our fingers brush together. The feel of her soft skin sends a jolt of electricity through me. For a brief moment, our eyes lock, and I see something flicker in her gaze—curiosity? Fear? Desire? It’s impossible to say, but it sends a thrill down the length of my spine, but in that moment, I decide against giving her the letter—she’s too pure to corrupt.

“Enjoy your reading,” Celeste murmurs, pulling away from me and continuing her rounds. As she moves farther down the row of cells, I watch her intently, instantly regretting not handing over the letter.

For now, I am left alone with my thoughts and fantasies, the anticipation of Celeste’s reaction firing an even greater hunger within me.

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