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"As a Federation admiral, a Human bride is not what I was expecting with this job! Perk or pitfall?"

Admiral  Anagov has fought many deadly species in the Perinqual Galaxy, but nothing prepared him for the battle he is about to face after rescuing a trio of feisty Human females. Little does he know he will soon be soon wresting with one of them between his bed sheets.

Angel instantly loathes all of the Federation alien officers who rescued two other women and her from another alien ship. If these are the good guys, thank God she didn’t get a chance to see what the bad aliens were like.  If she dislikes them all this much, why have her eyes not left the admiral’s tight alien butt since their rescue?

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“There’s a lottery on board our ship, and three Human females are the prizes. I want the tall curvy one!”

Bizarre circumstances on board our ship have led to the captain putting the three rescued Human females up in a lottery to be mated and wed by the winners. There are nine of us excluding the captain of the ship. I want the sexy tall one and I’ll do everything in my power to win—even cheat!

Unbelievable circumstances mean we’re going to be stranded for the foreseeable future with ten Federation aliens. For our own safety the captain has advised us we need to be mated and wed to one of them—and fast. Tonight we are being raffled off. This is a living nightmare! Please let it be the green alien—how can I fix the results?

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“I’ve won the small Human Female. All I have to do now is keep her safe and get her to like me!”

The other males are giving me daggers as I raise my winning ticket. I can’t tell if the look in the Human female’s eyes is relief or disbelief. Either way, she is mine now and I will do everything in my power to protect her from the males who I thought were my comrades.

Thankfully, the alien that’s won me is the most appealing of the bunch. However, although surprisingly cute and sexy, he is also the smallest and least intimidating. Will he keep me safe from the others? The look in their eyes is making me tremble with fear.