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Monster Match Series

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Matched to Xycho
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Hi I'm Vi.

More than anything, I want to work my own space station.
To do that, I'm required to join the internal dating app of the space company I work for.
Today I received confirmation of a possible space station placement. I'm practically jumping around my cabin with joy.
That is until I receive a message to log into the dating app.
That's when I see the male alien who the company has matched me with.
To accept the placement, I also need to accept the match, and the alien male I’m staring at hit every ugly branch falling out of a tree as a kid.
Is this the only male on their database compatible with me?
My finger hovers over the accept button.
I'd rather die than have him as my mate. But if I want to achieve my life's ambition of running my own space station, I have to accept the match.
I close my eyes and hit accept.
Will I sleep with him?
Heck no!
Hell will have to freeze over before I let that purple monster lay a finger on me.
Little do I know that's exactly what is about to happen.

What readers said:

Wow! This is Beauty and the Beast like story was action packed and steamy. Xycho is a strong protective warrior that's damaged by war. Vi is a tough determined human woman that'll fight to protect herself and those she cares about. When pirates attack, Vi and Xycho do whatever is necessary to keep each other safe and discover along the way their feelings for each other and they're also fated mates. I found my self captivated by this book and couldn't put it down until I was completely finished reading it.


I loved this book. I like a strong heroine with self doubts and sometimes one who jumps to conclusions. I know I do this myself. It made Vi more real to me. I loved Xycho too, he was big, strong and vulnerable. I mean the book had me at Phoenixfyre. I have a love for animals go if the sexy and cute kind 😉
CY Croc did well with her PTSD flashes and the issues that come a long with it. There is a trigger warning at the beginning of the book. Please read it prior to reading the book.
Now if you like a dark spin, with humor and love thrown in there then this is the book for you. I have already preordered the next one in the series 💛


This story hit a lot of satisfaction levels for me. The characters were awesome. Bad guys were evil, and got their comeuppance in the end. The sex was hot. And there was even a lovable furry pet. There was no way the story could go wrong. I am definitely getting the next one.


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Matched to Wrath
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I enjoyed the book. It was one of those you start, but never want to stop. Some books educate you before they get into the story and just drag. This one did not, from page one you were into it! I am definitely going to read the next one in the series…right now in fact! :) Nope, I can’t. It hasn’t been released yet! I hate waiting!


Monstrous alien romance. Romantic suspense. Action and adventure…and a giggle.
Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! I could say his name all day long. It just slips so easily off my tongue.
I wonder what else of his will slip off my tongue—wink, wink!
Okay, I admit it! I joined a space exchange dating app.
Please don't judge me. At least not until you see the male dregs left here on Earth.
I've read his profile, and he sounds goooorgeous!
So I accepted it as soon as it came through, even though the photo still hasn't uploaded properly.
Anyway, I just know he's going to be the equivalent of an alien Adonis.
Oh...hang on a's just loading now.
Can I get out of this?
What are the terms and conditions of the app?
My heart thunders in my chest as I read them.
There is only one way to get out of this permanent union, but it goes against all my morals.
Why didn't I read the damn small print?
What should I do?

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Matched to
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Hi I'm Trinity

Getting abducted by a monstrous alien when you’re a kid does something to you. It changes you inside. It turns you from a victim into a survivor.
It makes you stronger.
I was that kid. Now I’m a woman, and I want a man.
I’m not social like normal women. I’ve led a very different life.
Surviving in the wild for so long alone made me quite the handful. I thrive on danger—I’m also an adrenaline junky.
The dating site I’ve joined has males who seek the same thrills as me.
These males are the toughest and roughest the universe has to offer and the only requirement I demand is, my match must be an Alpha…and a human or a humanoid alien.
I couldn’t stomach dating a monster.
Today I woke up to a message—I have a match.
The male looks humanoid enough, but he hides behind a mask.
Now I’m doubting this will actually work.
Will he be man enough for me?
What has he got to hide?
Or is he hiding from me?
How would he know my bite is most definitely worse than my bark?

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Oh my lord I love this series. I’m usually a pnr reader but there’s something about these characters that just makes me want to read them. It’s almost an obsession it’s that bad. This book is just as brilliantly written as the previous books which is something I’ve come to expect and love. The story is fast paced and I just had to read it in one sitting. I literally couldn’t put it down. I got to the last page far too quickly but I couldn’t slow down. You seriously need to try this series.

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