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❤️Welcome to Seagull Bay❤️

This is a heartwarming British coastal town series that sees residents of all ages finding love.
Follow the Seagull Bay saga and meet returning residents time and time again in each book.
Book 1 follows the story of Pippa and Oliver.
It introduces some of Pippa's family and her friends.
We also get to meet other residents of Seagull Bay.


Book 2 follows the story of Tammy, and how she finds peace and love in Seagull Bay.
You learn more about Ben, the fishmonger's life and we see Pharis the farmer's son and Declan the chef vying for Tammy's affections...but who will she choose?
We also get to meet more residents of Seagull Bay.


Book 3 sees two of the older residents in Seagull Bay falling in love.

Pre-order now and find out who it is!

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