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I am currently involved in two scifi anthologies. 
My Alien Lover is now published wide on most marketplaces!


Which one? C. Y. Croc

What does an ugly duckling do when three hunks compete to date her?
She secretly dates them all!
But three’s a crowd—especially three angry aliens with claws, horns and tails?

Author's involved

S. G. Minae
L. H. Whitlock
Natalie Wish
A. M. Proctor
Zoey Indiana
Mara Jaye
Claire Daven


Claimed Amongst the Stars due to be published 2022

5 Alien Minds - C.Y.Croc

Ava and four other women beat billions of others in a competition to head for a new life on the other side of the galaxy, with alien men similar in appearance to humans.

However, luck isn’t on their side. Just as they are entering Planet Vysaria’s atmosphere, their ship gets into trouble, their individual landing pods break away and they crash land hundreds of miles apart from each other.

Alone, Ava soon falls into peril, but when Aph’is rescues her, Ava is shocked because he not only looks like an alien, he also appears to be a little loopy too.

Within minutes of meeting him, as well as trying to evade imaginary flying aliens, Ava counts four additional personalities.

Aph’is agrees to help her find her friends if she first helps him find something called a scalebb.

But being alone with a schizophrenic alien with multiple personalities, and with one of them alluding to want to do things to her other than help her find her friends, can she trust him?

51XHPCiCmGL._SY346_ (1).jpg
Authors involved & links to available blurbs

A. G. Wilde

Alana Khan

Alexis B. Osborne

Alison Aimes

Amarra Skye

Annabelle Rex

Ava Ross

C. Y. Croc see above

Elin Wyn

Elizabeth Stephens

Ella Blake

Ella Maven

Hannah Haze

Hattie Jacks

Honey Phillips

Hope Hart

Iona Strom

Ivy Knox

Jade Waltz

Jessica Grayson

Julie K. Cohen

Julie L. Vance

Kassie Keegan

Kate Rudolph

Kate Stevens

Kyra Snow

L. Starfyre

Leslie Chase

Lilly Griffin

Liz Paffle

Loretta Johns

Lynnea Lee

Nancey Cummings

Octavia Kore

Olivia Riley

R. L. Olvitt

S. J. Sanders

Samantha Rose

Sarah Johns

Stephanie West

Tamsin Ley

Tana Stone

Tasha Black

Tina Moss

V. C. Lancaster

V. T. Bonds

Veronics Scott

Victoria Aveline

Zoey Draven

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