A snippet from

Zarros Alien Halfbreed

A whizzing noise coming from the cockpit can be heard when we finally quieten and Zarros jumps to his feet and runs butt naked out of the room. I giggle as I watch him disappear out of the door. I can hear voices and then moments later, two soft bananas come wriggling back into view. The sight of them stirs my already sensitive pussy back into life. Zarros follows my eyes.

“Uh uh, you little sexual vixen. No time. The Federation is just entering the atmosphere, they’ll be landing in less than five mids.”

I scramble around finding my clothes and watch Zarros do the same. We shoot each other glances with knowing looks curling up the corners of our mouths, our faces radiating with happiness.

When we are dressed, Zarros reaches for me, curling two of his arms around my waist and resting his other two on my ass cheeks. I lace my hands around the back of his neck and gaze contently into his golden pupils. He leans his head and kisses me tenderly. There are no sexual expectations in the kiss, this time his kiss is different. This time he is talking to me without words, using his lips to tell me what his heart is feeling, and when he pulls away I’m left breathless by his unspoken words of love.