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It's official I'm a published indie author

Well I officially published my first novel on 22nd July 2019. Did the fireworks explode and fanfare play . . .err no. But, I did feel a massive sense of accomplishment.

As a newbie to the world of writing and self-publishing, at times I did find I did more research into how to publish a book rather than the actual writing on my manuscript. Luckily, I joined a couple of fabulous groups for writers in Facebook (FB).

There was (and still is) so much to learn. First off, there was the terminology that the writers used. This was not only for their writing but also for things concerning the publishing and marketing of their books. Here are just a few abbreviations/terminology and their meanings that I had to get my head around . . .

MC = main character

WIP = work in progress

Pantster = someone who has no outline and makes the story up as they write

EPUB/MOBI/PDF = formats that you turn your manuscript into in order to upload onto platforms to publish

Believe me they are just the tip of the iceberg!

Back to my newly released 1st book.

So to date (30/08/2019) I have sold 3 books and have 1 pre-order for my 2nd book. 'That's not a lot' you might say but to me that is bloody marvelous considering releasing a book onto Amazon is like throwing a needle into a haystack.

You see I haven't done any advertising yet for the book, so, for 3 people to find the needle is quite remarkable. Anyway, I plan to test the waters and do a little advertising, even though the author groups on FB tell newbies not to bother until they are ready to release their 2nd book.

But I'll see how it goes, and if you are one of the 3 that have purchased my book then I hope you enjoyed the story and I thank you from the bottom of my heart X

The yellow lines are book sales ; )

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