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Xander Alien Hybrid

Xander Alien Hybrid

Fast-paced, action-packed, suspenseful and steamy!

"No other females awoke my passion until her!"
Xander runs a fighting dome for his uncle on the colonized Planet Desra.
His fighters are all female and all prisoners. They draw in vast crowds and his paying customers find them visually pleasing. But he doesn't feel the same way about them.
The purchased prison females have two choices. Either go to Planet Prismn, or fight.
Most take their chances fighting for their freedom.
However, his newest purchase is an unknown species and she has peaked his sexual interest, igniting his dormant libido.
This is not good. He doesn't want to feel any emotion for her - she has a job to do.
She must do his every bidding, otherwise it's prison. . . or death.

Fenolla wakes up on a new planet surrounded by a multitude of aliens, and none of them speaks her language. But that is not the biggest shock.
The biggest surprise is she's imprisoned by a 7 ft white-haired, blue alien with a rattling tail and bone blades which shoot out of his forearms when he's angry.
He should not arouse her sexual interest - he's holding her against her will and he's a goddamn alien!
But as well as owning other alien females, he says he now owns her too, and she is being forced to do his every bidding.
He wants her to fight the alien female prisoners and pay back her debt.
She has two choices.Imprisonment, or fight the other alien women, avoid death and win her freedom back.

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